Post-Doctoral Fellowship / 2

  • Duration: 21 months full-time.
  • Starting Date: September 1st 2022
  • Gross Mensuel Salary: 2942.82€.
  • Le Mans Université, Le Mans, France


The Postdoctoral Researcher is recruited to work more specifically in Axis 2 of the program. The requested profile is a specialist in the history of Islam, who should be familiar with Scriptural sources in Arabic.

In addition to an in-depth knowledge of the work already carried out in the framework of the ReLRace programme, the candidate will be assessed upon the following elements:

  • He/she should show a thorough understanding of the genealogical patterns of peoples in the different Muslim traditions and their possible use for exclusion or relegation within the ummah.
  • He/she should have a thorough knowledge of the applications of the notion of divine election in Islam, as well as its implications in the structuring of lineages.
  • He/she should be able to identify and analyse the reciprocal influences between ‘raciology’ and Muslim traditions in structuring racial conceptions in Muslim worlds.
  • He/she should be able to assess the views and possible relations between Sunni Islam and denominations claiming to be Islamic, especially among the African American population (Moorish Science Temple of America, Nation of Islam…)  and around racial issues.

He/She may conduct his/her own work but will be expected to participate in the coordination of collective research particularly around the production of the collaborative and collective database of the programme.

Tasks within the programme


  •  Database implementation and operation
  • Co-edition of a specialised journal issue on “Racial lexicon and sacred texts”
  • Participation in workshops organized throughout the duration of the project.
  • Participation in the final colloquium of the project.
  • Participation in an international symposium organized as part of the project.

Support for the facilitation of research

  •  Participation in project management meetings.
  •  Co-organisation of 3 workshops.
  •  Animation of a blog.

Contribution to the development of a historical database

  •  Extraction of corpus texts or images: collection of information to fill in the database.
  •  Omeka database implementation online. Collaborative content moderation
  •  Qualitative and quantitative exploitation of the database in collaboration with project team members and participation in team workshops.

Support for the promotion of research

  •  Contribution to the organization of a HEMED Workshop (2023) and to the implementation of the online course (written contributions and webdoc)
  •  Contribution to the production of Webdoc sequences for the general public
  •  One-off contribution to the promotion of research among the student public (research seminars, one-off intervention in undergraduate courses), the school public (development of teaching sequences) and the general public (virtual exhibition, scientific culture activities)

Expected diploma and skills:

  • PhD in history (preferably) but applications of researchers in other disciplines (sociology, anthropology, Arabic philology) will be examined.
  • Proficiency in Classical Arabic.
  • Good knowledge of Ancient and contemporary Muslim sources.
  • Familiarity with digital tools related to research. A mastery of video editing would be appreciated.
  •  French and English fluent.
  •  Relocation to Le Mans would be valued but mobility Paris/Le Mans is allowed.
  •  Experience in teamwork and leading research would be appreciated.
  • The University of Le Mans is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and encourages all qualified candidates to apply.

Recruitment procedure and timetable

  • Deadline for submission of applications:  January 5th 2022 at
  • Attachments: CV, a publication and thesis summary, a cover letter explaining how the candidate intends to integrate/evolve his/her research work into the Relrace program. Attach, where appropriate, the thesis defence report.
  •  Date and place of the hearing: February 9th 2022, Le Mans University (Visio-conference allowed for applicants outside France.
  • (Provisional) Board of examiners: Dominique Avon (EPHE-IISMM/GSRL), Xavier Luffin (ULB), John Tolan (Université de Nantes CRHIA), Baptiste Bonnefoy (Le Mans U./TEMOS), Vincent Vilmain (Le Mans U.-TEMOS)
  • For more information, visit the program website or write to
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